Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto Artillo makes collage that shifts fluidly between abstraction and representation, the classical and contemporary image. Creating dynamic compositions and working in a subdued colour pallet, his works are studies in image as form, using fashion strictly as a pathway to create new concepts. ‘Modern Day Idols’ are removed from original context and take on new meaning when placed against alterative backdrops. Citing a pantheon of inspirations, including modern masters Matisse and Soroya, Spanish tradition and folklore and Anatomy, Artillo’s collage works are poetic compositions with a surrealist influence.

Born in 1987, Ernesto Artillo grew up in Málaga, Spain and currently resides in Madrid. Predominantly working in mixed media, he re-constructs definitions of the ‘fashion image’. With a background in creative advertising and fashion editorial, Artillo draws upon these disciplines to inform his artistic practice. Recent collaborations include Moda Operandi, Mango, MENS UNO Hong Kong, Delpozo, Pepe Jeans, Swarovski, Harvey Nichols, Lifewithbird, Izzue, Yves Rocher or Six Lee.

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