James Hopkins takes normal everyday objects and transports them into the realm of the impossible. By playing with perspective, his mirrors and sculptures seem to ignore the laws of physics as his work makes us question our sight. The Stockport-born artist specializes in optical illusions and creating hidden layers in his sculptures. Alongside this, James Hopkins often slyly transforms objects, imagery and text, giving them the power of self-reflective commentary.

Hopkins has shown extensively around the world, with solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome and New York. He has also participated in various group shows at the Saatchi Gallery, London, the Changwon Sculture Biennal in Korea, the Hamburg Kunsthalle and Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, with prestigious artists such as Mat Collishaw and Richard Woods.Self taught photographer Joe Nigel Coleman’s uses methods such as burning, scanning and using light-filtering materials such as smoke to emphasize the awe of the Australian sun. His images have been featured in several group shows including the ‘Barcelona Showcase’ in Casa Batlló Barcelona, ‘Magic Light’ in Kino Valli Pula, ‘New Arcadia’ Bleached Gallery, Brisbane and ‘May Exhibition’ in the DdA Factory Cagliari.

Having appeared in a diverse list of online and printed publications, Dazed & Confused, Mutant Space, Mustache Magazine and the Short Anthology, this photographer is rapidly rising in popularity and collectability.


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