Maria Rivans

Maria Rivans is a UK artist, living and working in Brighton, known for her multifaceted pop iconography, surreal landscapes, portraits and 3D collages. Inspired by philosophical teachings, Hitchcock, classic Hollywood films and surrealist artists like Max Ernst and Salvador Dali, Rivans work is nostalgic and enchanting. The artist explores the idea of existing alternate realities and hallucinatory universes, through her work she raises questions about reality and the way we lead our lives.

Combining and blending images, Maria Rivans forms highly intricate and often humorous works of art. Her playful utopias are teaming with human and animal hybrids, exotic flora and other fantastical objects, consciously overwhelmingly the viewer. In her recent ‘Pin-up’ series, she transforms the reality of her female characters with appropriated sourced vintage ephemera. Featuring empowered female film stars, the artist names the art works after explorers and inventors. She questions identity, our reasons and needs for the pin–up as well as commenting on our world of constant change and mystery.

Maria Rivans’ works are highly collectable. The artist has exhibited throughout Europe and recently had a solo exhibition with Saatchi Gallery in London. Most notably, Rivans has been commissioned by Penguin Books to create a special icon cover for their reprint of Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. 

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