Inspired by German expressionism and polish romanticism Kleszczewski combines elements of pop culture with iconography of ancient art. The characters of my artworks are often humanoid creatures, whose driving forces are primal instincts.

Kleszczewski considers emotional expression as core to his works, then technique, themes and tools. His work comments on the hypocrisy of social and history, breaking taboos. A brave showing erotic or human sexuality. Pawel is  fascinated in the dark side of the human soul, what we hide in the deep, instincts, naivety, aggression, subconscious aspects of magic, symbols, dreams, things that the mind does not invent, visions.  

The frantic paintings and drawings of Kleszczewski have a muddy palette combined with heavy, frenzied black lines, giving his canvasses a psychological urgency. Abstracted portraits, Pawel Kleszczewski's original paintings have been exhibited all over Europe with major collectors in Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Germany.

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