I am an artist or gallery and want to be featured on Kids of Dada.

Kids of dada are always looking to partner with the finest emerging contemporary artists and respected galleries to create a truly curated online destination.

If you are an artist, or gallery interested in partnering with Kids of dada, complete our application form and we will review your request and follow up with you shortly.

For additional information, contact us at partners@kidsofdada.com

I am a designer and want to partner with Kids of dada.

Collaborating is core to what we do, and we are eager to work with you.  If you are a designer interested in partnering with Kids of Dada, contact us at partners@kidsofdada.com

Where do I sign in on the site?

Please note the “artist/ gallery log in” is at the bottom right hand corner of the Kids of Dada homepage - the “sign in” button at the top of the page is for collectors and customers only.

Here is the login link to be saved for future reference: http://partners.kidsofdada.com/register/login.php

I’m unsure about how to price my work?

Once accepted by Kids of Dada you will receive a pricing guidelines document, based on information and analytics gathered from Art Price, Philips and The Royal Academy. Although we are happy to help our accepted artists, we have to remind you that ultimately the final decision on pricing is yours. 

You’ve accepted my artwork but I can’t see it on the website?

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, I’m afraid that we are unable to feature everyone’s artwork on our site at one time.

Kids of Dada is a curated site and we are constantly assessing and changing our curatorial program – we pride ourselves on our careful selection and we are dedicated to displaying our artists’ work in the best light possible. This means making sure their work is shown alongside other suitable artists.

If we have accepted your works but they do not appear on site then they may be being held back for a future promotional plan or they may be under review by our curatorial team.

I can’t see my older accepted artworks through my online system profile do I have to submit them again?

It is not necessary that you upload these artworks again. If you uploaded your work to the old system, they should already be live on the site. If this is not the case, then I’m afraid to say your artworks have not been accepted.

To check this, please type your name into the website search bar to see which of your works have been featured.

Why did you pick some of my work but not all of it?

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, I’m afraid that we are unable to feature all our artists’ artwork on our site at one time. We review each artwork individually and do not accept work in bulk once an artist has been accepted.

We feel that the pieces that are not accepted do not fit with our artistic prevue at the moment however we may feature more your work on the website in the future. 

Unfortunately we cannot offer critiques of artworks submitted to our website.

If I am not accepted by Kids of Dada can I apply again with new artworks?

We are always happy to look at submissions from artists. We appreciate many artists who apply to us are just beginning their career and so may develop greatly in a short space of time.

We will look through any submissions sent to us, even if we have rejected the artist previously. However we will only look at new works, we will not look over the same pieces submitted at different times.

Why does the artist application site only except full numbers?

We ask this for shipping and insurance purposes – these companies ask us to round up to nearest full number, so we ask our artists to do the same. You are responsible for making sure this information is correct.

How quickly will uploaded artworks appear?

We aim to go through all submitted artworks every two weeks, depending on the number of applications. Once the pieces are approved by the curatorial team they will go live on kidsofdada.com within five working days of acceptance.  

How do I change my selected exhibitions?

We aim to go update the selected exhibitions section of our website every three months. To make sure that the appropriate changes are made to your profile, please make sure you have updated your details on your online profile. Unfortunately we cannot accept this type of information by email.

My images are not good enough quality, why is this?

Kids of Dada only works with images submitted directly by our artists. You must ensure you send us images of a high resolution in order to present your work in the best possible light.

We ask that all imagery is between 1 and 5 Megabytes and 100ppi (or above).

Photographs must be taken against a plain white background and be cropped closely around the artwork.

Why are my images cropped in the listings?

We have to crop all our artworks for the Kids Of Dada homepage and search pages. Our website prides itself on being aesthetically pleasing and user friendly and therefore design is a huge part of this. This means all artworks on the homepage and search pages are cropped to fit a certain size.

Although we would love to show your artwork in its full form throughout the site, this is simply not possible. Please understand how important it is for our users that the site looks good and is easy to use. It encourages them to come purchase and visit the site repeatedly.

We see these cropped images as just a taster of the complete art work. We choose the most striking part of each piece to catch the attention of our visitors. We can assure you that all our cropping is done with our artists in mind, trying to encourage as many people as possible to see their work.

I am an installation artist but your pricing does not include travel and flights etc?

We are aware that installation artists have extra costs due to the nature of their work so underneath the price of all installation works we include the note:‘Extra installation fees to be determined based on location of purchase’.

When a buyer makes an inquiry on purchasing your work, we will be in touch to negotiate these costs. 

What do I do if I sell a work that is on the website?

We do not demand exclusivity for artworks submitted to us, you are welcome to show them and sell them outside of Kids of Dada.

If you sell a work then you must contact us immediately in order for us to remove the work from the site to prevent any problems with potential customers.

What happens when artwork is sold? 

If your artwork is sold, we will contact you immediately by email with a conditions report and an information pack reminding you of packaging guidelines.

We require all sold artworks to be shipped in the next 48 hours. If you are planning a holiday, please make sure there is someone trustworthy who could package and post your work for you. This person needs to have access to your studio and to your email so we can contact them.

When you are accepted by Kids of Dada you will receive packaging advice and further information on what to do when artworks are sold in our Kids of Dada Welcome Pack.

What happens if my work sells but I’m away or on holiday?

We ask that all artworks sold are shipped within 2 working days. If you are planning a holiday, please make sure there is someone trustworthy who could package and post your work for you. This person needs to have access to your studio and to your email so we can contact them.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are 9.30am – 6pm Monday – Friday (GMT). We cannot accept phone calls outside of these times.

We aim to answer any emails received within two working days.